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Square Dance Fun Since 1963



Every 1st Friday since 1963 the Riptides Square Dance Club has been promenading through Virginia Beach.  Their home for the last few years has been Bayside Presbyterian Church, on Ewell Road.  Matt Worley is the club caller and Eric Jaworski cues the rounds.   In addition to the regular club dances at the church, several special events are planned, occassionally at a larger hall.  Check the calendar for those dates and locations. 

When the club first started, they danced every Friday night to the calling of Jim Horton.  Several years ago they switched to alternating Fridays, then recently to just the 1st Friday of the month.  Many dancers got their start with the club, and a lot of them are still dancing in Virginia Beach and other parts of the country.  After a long stay with the club, Jim retired from calling.   Since then a number of callers have called the group home.  Among them are Ron Williams, Ron Nelson, Tim Marriner, Al Stevens, and Matt Worley.  Dancers from all over the world stop in to dance when they are vacationing in Virginia Beach. 

Join the club as they celebrate this great milestone. Click here to email Dave for club information and schedule, or call Dave Hinde at 757-471-7222.